Have you ever heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” This commonly tossed around phrase is becoming more true each day in the twenty first century. Studied by multiple universities and research facilities alike the overall conclusion is that those who are consuming processed, high fat, fast food are more likely to be overweight and contributing to illnesses of all kinds. Oh, the power of food. The fork we hold in our hands can either feed sickness, obesity, chronic illness or can bring healing and wellness to the body.You are what you eat

I am an advocate of reversing illness by the common utensil you hold in your hand at family gatherings, work functions, and daily meals. What if you could prevent heart disease, cancers, chronic illness, decrease symptoms of  auto immune disorders and prevent the occurrence of the common cold. Would you change your lifestyle to prevent these life sucking, diminishing, shortening scenarios?

I believe food can be our own medicine yet this food does not have negative side effects as those of man made, synthetic pills.Image result for let food be thy medicine

Here are what the different colors in the fruits and vegetables we eat often reflect.

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Need a easy, healthy snack to keep on hand. Make Blueberry energy bites. I would use fresh or frozen blueberries as a opposed to dried to have the optimum nutritional value. Blueberry bites 

Do you value the utensil in your hand enough to want to change your lifestyle? Let me know and I can help provide resources and information concerning this life changing, self improving life style.